Warming Circulation™

Supports healthy blood circulation.*Supports the cardiovascular and circulatory system.

Urinary System Support

Traditional support for healthy kidney & bladder function.

Stinging Nettle Blend

Urtica dioica Traditional support for the respiratory system.

St. John’s Wort


Soothing Throat Spray

 Relief of minor throat irritation.*Supports healthy function of the immune system.

Muscle Calmer™

Traditional support for normal muscle tension and contraction.*.

Kids Tummy TLC™

Tummy upset formula.*Soothing comfort for digestive upset, nausea, nervous stomach and fussiness

Kids Throat TLC™

Soothing relief.

Kids Lemon Balm Calm™

Melissa officinalis Support for nervousness & over-excitement.*Calming & soothing support.

Kids Immune Fortifier™

Helps prepare and restore the immune system.*Immune System Builder.

Kids Immune Avenger™

Immune system active responder.*Early onset superhero.

Kids Fast Asleep™

Nap and nighttime support.