Each herb pack added to the cart will be of 1 ounce Kava Kava Root, also known as Piper methysticum, has mild sedative properties. Piper methysticum, or Kava Kava Root,...

American White Ginseng Root Powder

Each herb pack added to the cart will be of 1 ounce Characterized as yin, which is cooling, soothing and restoring. Thus, it is traditionally believed to be ideal for...

St Johns Wort Herb

Each herb pack added to the cart will be of 1 ounce This sunny yellow flower is considered a weed, yet it’s prized throughout the world for its herbal medicinal...

Holy Basil (Rama) Herb

1 lb of Organic Holy Basil Leaf Cut and Sifted (C/S) - Rama. While related to the more well-known Ocimum basilicum, the basil used in cooking, Holy Basil is a medicinal herb used...

Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Promote a healthy body with Organic Cruciferous Support. Cruciferous Support is the extra boost you need to support healthy liver function and detoxification. Our proprietary blend of health-promoting vegetables includes...

Herbs On The Go: Bed Time

Promotes quiet, calm & restful sleep.*Provides soothing support for the nervous system.*Keep this spray on your bedside table.

Herbs On The Go: Anxious Moment

Promotes peaceful relaxation, reduces stress and frustration.*Support for occasional and mild anxiety, calming, relaxing.

Relaxing Sleep

Promotes relaxation and restful sleep.* Support for stressfulness; mild, occasional anxiety.
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Kids Lemon Balm Calm

Melissa officinalis Support for nervousness & over-excitement.*Calming & soothing support.

Good Mood

Promotes positive mood & healthy emotional balance.*Stabilizing to the nervous system.

Anxiety Soother- Lavender

Designed to support your body’s response to moments of occasional and mild anxiety.* Calming, relaxing and soothing.*