Each herb pack added to the cart will be of 1 ounce Kava Kava Root, also known as Piper methysticum, has mild sedative properties. Piper methysticum, or Kava Kava Root,...

American White Ginseng root powder/oz

Each herb pack added to the cart will be of 1 ounce Characterized as yin, which is cooling, soothing and restoring. Thus, it is traditionally believed to be ideal for...

St Johns Wort Herb/oz

Each herb pack added to the cart will be of 1 ounce This sunny yellow flower is considered a weed, yet it’s prized throughout the world for its herbal medicinal...
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Holy Basil (Rama) herb /oz

1 lb of Organic Holy Basil Leaf Cut and Sifted (C/S) - Rama. While related to the more well-known Ocimum basilicum, the basil used in cooking, Holy Basil is a medicinal herb used...
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Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Promote a healthy body with Organic Cruciferous Support. Cruciferous Support is the extra boost you need to support healthy liver function and detoxification. Our proprietary blend of health-promoting vegetables includes...

Herbs On The Go: Bed Time

Promotes quiet, calm & restful sleep.*Provides soothing support for the nervous system.*Keep this spray on your bedside table.

Herbs On The Go: Anxious Moment

Promotes peaceful relaxation, reduces stress and frustration.*Support for occasional and mild anxiety, calming, relaxing.

Relaxing Sleep

Promotes relaxation and restful sleep.* Support for stressfulness; mild, occasional anxiety.

Kids Lemon Balm Calm

Melissa officinalis Support for nervousness & over-excitement.*Calming & soothing support.

Good Mood

Promotes positive mood & healthy emotional balance.*Stabilizing to the nervous system.
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Anxiety Soother- Lavendar

Designed to support your body’s response to moments of occasional and mild anxiety.* Calming, relaxing and soothing.*
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