Ear Candling Therapy / 3rd October

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Ear Candling can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Native American tribes, as well as other nations and cultures. Parchment scrolls were discovered in the Orient describing the Ear Candling procedure and process.

In these ancient times, people would make their own candles by dipping them in beeswax and honey from materials such as rolled up paper, linen cloth, tobacco leaves, reeds, and many others.

Today, Ear Candling involves the usage of a hollow, tapered candle made from fabric soaked in food-grade beeswax.

Ear Candling therapy is non-invasive (painless) and effective. It could help with alleviating common issues related to the ear, pressure in the head/sinuses, respiratory system, restricted hearing, and lack of smell. Many people have reported improvement of these common issues after only one session.

How it works…

The Ear Candling therapy is performed on each ear. Both are always treated to ensure balance is maintained. The practitioner will cover the client’s hair, neck, and shoulder with a protective cloth. The candle is lit, and the end is gently inserted into the ear canal. The session takes approximately 60 minutes. Two candles per ear are used. During the session, the practitioner will determine if more than two candles are needed.

The burning candle creates a “chimney and vacuum” effect. The warming sensation effect on the eardrum helps to expel debris, wax, mucus, fungus and/or bacteria into the candle. The client may hear a crackling sound during the procedure.

The practitioner will perform a gentle “light-touch” finger movement during the procedure to encourage the lymphatic system to flow, assisting congestion to break up and release debris into the candle.

At the conclusion of the session, the practitioner will open the candle to reveal and discuss the remains. Upon examination, the practitioner may suggest a follow-up session to ease the client’s condition.

Common Benefits of Ear Candling

• Relaxation
• Earaches
• Earwax build-up
• Swimmer’s Ear/Infections
• Tinnitus
• Hearing problems
• Sinus infections/Allergies/Colds/Flu
• Sore Throat Relief
• Dizziness/Vertigo
• Itchy ears

Please note: Ear Candling is not recommended for those with hearing aids, ear tubes, burst eardrums, excruciating pain in or around the ear or ear canal, and children between the ages of 8-months to 10 years.

This information is not intended to replace the advice or recommendation of your medical practitioner.