Sacred Cacao Ceremony - July 11th on Thursday At 6:00 PM

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We are so excited to partner with Teresa to introduce Cacao ceremony to our community.
A cacao ceremony event is a carefully crafted and intentional gathering that revolves around the ceremonial consumption of cacao. The atmosphere is serene, nurturing, and spiritually focused, designed to create a safe space for participants to connect with themselves, others, and the cacao plant's essence.

The event will begin with cleansing the energy with copal and palo santo. Each participant will then have the opportunity to share a few words about their intention if they choose, fostering a sense of unity and community. Participants will be offered a ceremonial cacao elixir and led into a deep meditation guided by the instructor.

What to bring: pillow, blanket, yoga mat. you are welcome to bring a gift such as flowers or fruit as an offering to the motherly spirit of Cacao. Also, please think about your intentions for this practice. Fasting 3 hours prior to the event is highly recommended.